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Selling Your Home

People sell their homes for many reasons, whether it’s because they are expanding their family, getting married, downsizing as children move away, or just wanting a change. Choosing to sell your home is a big decision that brings with it a variety of challenges and stresses. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Finding a great real estate agent

will help ensure it is a smooth process and hopefully free from stress, which should lead to the best possible outcome for you.

Hiring your agent. This is a very personal choice. You need to make sure you have a connection with your agent and feel that they are listening to you and understand your needs. It is also extremely important that you find an experienced agent, one that has a good profile and is already investing in marketing that will sell your home. Your agent should always be there for you, and able to respond in a timely manner when you contact them. Some people think an agent is an agent – but that just isn’t true – ask my clients.

Why you should hire me. I treat people the way I want to be treated. It sounds like such a simple concept, but not every one follows it. My business is 90% repeat and referrals. There is a reason for that.

There are many aspects involved in selling your home to get the highest dollar amount in the shortest period of time. The three most important area of focus are comparables, staging and marketing. I go above and beyond for my clients to ensure they receive the best service possible, which is why I provide ALL of these professional services at no charge to my clients. The only additional cost that you may need to consider is staging an empty home, as there is a fee for renting the furniture.

How much should I list my home for. This is the most common question a seller will ask when interviewing agents. In my experience, agents will always say and agree to what a seller wants to get a listing. But this isn’t always in the best interest of the seller. Homes priced above the market value take longer to sell. When a home is on the market too long, buyers begin to think that the seller is either too difficult to work with, or that they are becoming desperate and will accept any offer.

The first 30 days on the market is always the best activity you will see, so it is important to price it well. I find that by understanding why someone is selling, what they are hoping to sell their home for, and how much time they have to sell their home, really helps in determining a price.

Obviously comparable values are a large determiner in the market price, but that isn’t always the end number – upgrades, location, lot size and upgrades will also play their part. Although it is important for sellers to be realistic, I find that open communication is effective in determining that price.SELLING YOUR HOME

Preparing your home. Preparing and staging your home well, is important in selling it quickly and getting top dollar. As part of my service I have a designeron staff able to help – and at no cost to you. The results are incredible as long as sellers are open to suggestions. Remember, we are getting your home ready to sell, not for you to live in. Part of this process is to de-personalize your home. Remove pictures and other personal items. Many buyers have a hard time imagining the homes as theirs when your things are everywhere. It is also important to de-clutter. Think of it as getting a head start on your packing. Organize closets and cabinets. The less things a room or closet has, the larger it looks. Repair items such as holes in the walls, leaky faucets, and burned-out light bulbs. Clean – it sounds so simple, but many people forget about this during the process when they have so many other things on their mind. Wash windows inside and out, dust, vacuum daily. Make sure your front door is clean and free of cobwebs, and your yard is free of weeds and bushes/trees are trimmed back – it’s the buyer’s first impression. I have a team of trusted landscapers and cleaners who can help if you don’t know where to start.

Marketing.Most agents put a sign in your front yard and hope it sells. Marketing in this day and age has never been so important. That is why I spend so much time and money on these details. Most buyers find their home on the Internet, and if your agent doesn’t have a good, high profile presence on-line, your home may be missed. That is why I am a Premier Agent on Zillow. Your home will be a Premier listing there, and will also be listed on Trulia,, Redfin, and all the top real estate websites. I also feature your home on my own website which attracts considerable traffic. Added to this I advertise through social media, and send flyers to agents alerting them of the listing. I also only use professional photographers. You only have one chance to make that first impression, and homes with bad lighting or poor photography are passed without a second look. I use a team who know what I expect and go the extra mile to get the best shots – aerial photography and 3D tours can be used to great effect at the right location.

Once listed, I will keep you informed about the number of viewings and any feedback which helps in determining what, if any, changes we should make and if we are pricing the home correctly.

What happens when I get an offer. I will work quickly to qualify the offer, understand any contingencies and help you negotiate the sales price you are looking for. I also work closely with the buyer’s agent and lender to make sure that the transaction runs smoothly through the inspection, appraisal, and all the way to closing. I am always on hand to answer questions you may have and can even help you manage any repairs which are identified during the inspection.

Once the contract is agreed and accepted, I will handle all the scheduling and paperwork necessary throughout the process to ensure an on-time closing.

I am also available to help you find and buy your next dream home!